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In designing a site for your target audience, our considerations include ease of navigation, fast loading graphics, informative and useful content, and platform responsive presentation.

We create your design after analyzing your specific needs and objectives. We can also work with a design that you supply.

Your input, feedback, and final approval are an intrinsic part of the dynamic design process.

As your business grows and changes are required, we can perform maintenance to your site on a monthly basis or as needed.

We will maintain a copy of your site so that you can contact us with any changes required. You may also make the changes yourself if that is your preference

Site Maintenance is charged at an hourly rate.

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We design Banners, Logos and Web Graphics to your specifications. We have the experience to know what will load quickly and be viewed effectively utilized the latest technology platforms.

Web Marketing

To enhance site views by your core market we employ search engine optimization.

Web Hosting Solutions

Tec-Knowlogy Source does not provide web hosting facilities, but we do have a relationship with a web hosting service that we prefer and can recommend. Your site will be posted to the web server of your choice. There is no additional cost for us to upload your site.

We can also provide you with files to upload yourself if that is your preference.

If you choose to have your site hosted by a paid web hosting service, you are responsible for all the costs incurred for their service. Tec-Knowlogy Source can provide you with assistance and recommendations in obtaining a web host at no additional cost. In some cases, e.g. when a database back-end is needed for your site, there may be specific conditions of the web hosting service that are necessary to support your requirements.

Site Development Pricing

Tec-Knowlogy Source does not price your site on a per component basis as some designers do. Per component pricing can become very costly as new content is added. We also do not offer package pricing where for a specified price you are limited to a specific number of pages, links, or graphics.

We find that the most cost effective pricing for our customers is to analyze their specific needs and bill at an hourly rate. After analyzing your needs we can estimate the time it should take to implement your specifications. We will give you an estimate for the cost based on the agreed components.

Our rates take into account the time it takes to develop your site. We don't charge to analyze your needs. We are always available to answer client inquiries with regard to exploring options related to your site.

The investment you make in your website development is a ONE TIME COST, not a monthly or weekly fee as print ads and other advertising channels are. Considering the broad exposure your business receives via the internet, this investment will be returned many times over.